Discovering Flores de Mayo: How Well Do You Know the Queens of Santacruzan?

May is the month when most people anticipate the most-awaited first rain of May which is believed to have a power to heal ailments (mostly summer related like prickly heat). But the month of May is also most awaited for the festival of Flowers, the Flores de Mayo. Flores de Mayo is perhaps the most celebrated as it is the most widespread festival in the Philippines.

Flores de Mayo is celebrated in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. In this festival, young girls dressed in white would  offer flowers to the Virgin Mary. This festival culminates with a pomp procession of beautiful town ladies dressed in their best and holding symbols as diverse as a weighing scale, lamb and decapitated head. The procession of the queens celebrates the finding of the Holy Cross of Christ.

For the unfamiliar, the sight of this colorful and extravagant parade can be unintelligible. Certainly, because of the symbols. To help you learn about the Reynas (Queens) of the Santacruzan and their symbols, here's an infographic from M2Comms.

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