Wesley So becomes new US Champion

Wesley So has just been awarded the title of US Chess Champion. Wesley has been on a hot streak of over 60 unbeaten games, and prolonged his run during the US Championship while at the same time producing an amazing performance with a game dubbed one of the most memorable in recent history. He defeated tough opposition like Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana, and finally GM Onishchuck in the playoffs to seal the title victory. To help people find out a bit more about the new US Champion Chessable has released a nice little infographic.

Wesley So is a world class Chess player of Chinese – Filipino descent but has recently represented the US in the olympiads and lives in the state of Minnesota. What does the future hold for Wesley? Can he beat the current reigning world champion, Norway based Magnus Carlsen? Only time will tell, but if his streak continues...!

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