How to Purchase the Safest Crib for 2017

Purchasing a baby crib is one of the most important purchasing decisions a parent will make.  With the plethora of cribs on the market this decision can become confusing.  For example should you purchase a two in one convertible crib or a four in one convertible crib?  More to the point what exactly is a convertible crib?  Why would I need one?

As a new parent you have to decide if you need a portable crib, a traditional crib, a travel crib or a mini crib?  What are the differences between the various cribs?   Do these cribs fit in with your living space and your travel needs?

A concern that all parents have is crib safety.  A few things they should be asking themselves are what are the main safety standards for cribs?  What features should we look for in a crib?  For example do you need an adjustable crib mattress, what distance should be between the crib slats for optimum safety.

Our infographic helps you to answer all of these questions in a clear and concise way.

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