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Nihon Scope is a website that's dedicated to getting you closer to the Japanese culture. Our information we've created over the last year was written to help us cope with the new culture and etiquette of Japan. This graph has be completed to give a super quick idea about what we write about and how we live and move around in Japan. It's important to understand that when moving to another country that has limits on personal travel and living situations to truly do your research. Over the last 2 years Nihon Scope has been working to understand these limitations in Japan. The more we researched the more we found that instead of simply being limitations we're discovering amazing technical ways of mass transits that's extremely hard to find in the States. Perhaps not all of Japan is as high tech as they want the world to think, but for most of at least for the public transportation, we found them to be one of the worlds best transit planners and designers. But for personal living a lot of work can still be done.

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