It’s National Barbie Day

March 9th marks National Barbie Day and what better to celebrate this momentous day in honour of arguably the most iconic figure in young girls and teens lives over the last almost 50 years than Barbie. Born Barbie Millicent Roberts in Malibu, California, her range of roles and experience during this time range from computer engineering and teaching to medicine and the Marines. 

One of the main areas in her career is teaching and she’s certainly an expert in this field! She holds a vast range of teaching qualifications including Elementary School, Arts, Football Coaching, Swimming, Sign Language and Special Education teaching. And it doesn’t stop there, Barbie is fluent is over 30 languages including French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Sign Language. Take about an international icon.

Although focusing on her career is a big priority for Barbie, that’s not the only area of her life she likes to focus on, she has numerous hobbies too. These include Cooking, Ballet, Horse Riding and Acting to name a few.  

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