11 Active Twitter Chats For Busy Entrepreneurs

Joining Twitter chats is a great way to cultivate new relationships online, whether your job is directly related to social media or not. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who often rely on networking as part of their promotional strategy.

Is Twitter chat time consuming? In all honesty, it definitely could be, as each Twitter Chat typically takes 1 hour. Additionally, you can’t really multitask during Twitter chats if you want to get the most out of your Twitter chat experience.

But consider the all the ways Twitter Chats would benefit you, and you’ll see that it might be worth your while.

Benefits of joining Twitter Chats for entrepreneurs:

  • Connect with customers and prospects
  • Personal networking
  • Promote your brand
  • Get great tips and advice
  • Build authority by sharing ideas
  • Gain new Twitter followers

Here are the top 11 Twitter Chats that are worth joining. The infographic provides more details on each one of them.

  1. #StartupChats
  2. #BizHeroes
  3. #ContentWritingChat
  4. #CMWorld
  5. #ContentChat
  6. #EcomChat
  7. #PeopleSkills
  8. #PPCChat
  9. #SmallBizChat
  10. #SMchat
  11. #SproutChat

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