Fashion Week Starter Packs

The Fash Pack are a fascinating bunch and although we hate to stereotype, they are all very similar. But can they can be grouped into stereotypes?! Think about the type of people you see at the 'Big Four' Fashion Weeks; Street-Style Bloggers, PR's, Photographers, Models, Editors and the Mini-Me's...sound familiar? Then you can certainly agree that these groups seen at the fashion shows every six months (nearly always) look the exact same!

As much as we hate to stereotype, it’s hard not to at Fashion Week which is why we wanted to have a little fun with this part of the Fashion world. From the Street-Style Show Off flouncing their show obstructing headwear and *those* Gucci shoes to the Veteran Editor in her chauffeur-driven car and designer handbag full of FROW invitations to the Shutterbug photographer braving all elements to get the perfect shot with his long-lensed DSLR.

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