The 10 Features of the Perfect Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

"This infographic demonstrates and explains the 10 features of the perfect wi-fi video doorbell.

Wi-fi what?! A wi-fi video doorbell is a traditional doorbell on turbo boost. Whereas a traditional doorbell just lets you know that an unidentified person is at your door, a wi-fi video doorbell lets you see who that person is (because it has a built in camera) and allows you to talk to them (because it has a built in speaker and microphone.)

The 10 features that this infographic focuses on are:

  1. Smartphone compatibility- the better doorbells are compatible with the most common phones.
  2. Hardwired for power- if your doorbell can be powered from some “existing doorbell wire” as opposed to running on batteries, this provides them with more functionality.
  3. Night vision- a video doorbell strengthens your home’s security and so for it to be really effective it needs to work in the day and night.
  4. Storage- any photos or videos that are taken need to be stored so that they can be viewed or shared at a later date.
  5. Live feed- this allows you to see what the video camera is recording at any time. 
  6. 2 way audio- a microphone and speaker allow you to talk to your visitor outside of your door.
  7. High Definition- the better quality your video camera is, the clearer the pictures that you will view.
  8. Motion Detection- this is the ability of the camera to detect motion (even before someone rings the bell) and to notify you about it.
  9. Weatherproof- The doorbell will be outside and so it needs to be able to function correctly in all weathers.
  10. Work with smart locks. If your wi-fi video doorbell works with a  smart lock, you can open your front door from anywhere as well as seeing who your visitor is. 

And so there you go! I hope that you enjoy my infographic!

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