How to Find the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Now that you have invested in a beautiful Hardwood floor the next thing you will need is the right equipment to take care of it. Most damage to hardwood floors comes from scratches, or excessive water.

Dirt and Grit on a polished Hardwood surface acts like sandpaper. If the particles do not leave large individual scratches, they collectively leave lots of smaller ones with make the surface dull or unsightly over time.

You are going to need 3 things to care for your floor.

A simple Micro-Fiber Mop, with a flexible head and removable mop c

over, to allow for easy daily sweeping to reduce the Sandpaper effect.

A low moisture wet Mop. It's important to use as little water as possible, so a mop system that removes almost all water before the mop reaches the floor is Idea.

A vacuum cleaner designed for Hardwood Floors. This is a little more difficult as most homes with Hardwood floors, also have rugs, Carpets or Tiles as well. Unfortunately the features that make a Vacuum Cleaner great for Carpets, can actually do serious damage to your Hardwood. To take away the guess work, here is a graphic with all the points you need to consider when buying the Best Vacuum for your Hardwood floor.

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