Holiday Getaways in the Philippines: Best Places to Spend Christmas

Christmas celebration in the Philippines is incomparable and no other place in the world celebrates Christmas the way Filipinos do.

Firstly, it is in the Philippines where Christmas is celebrated as early

as September. It is also where all the places are jazzed up to relive the Christmas  spirit.  Whether you’re in the plaza, city squares, or parks, you will find a lot of things telling that is indeed that special time of the year once more.
However with Christmas night markets and funfairs, hearing Christmas carols, and seeing streets and homes  lively with colorful lights and lanterns, some may think that the celebration is already predictable.

The good news is that you have a choice to to jazz up your celebration. One way is to have a taste of local Christmas from other parts of the Philippines. For sure, there are never-before experiences you can get, unique taste to water your mouth and new people you can meet if you celebrate the Christmas outside your hometown.

For a fun-filled holiday that is different from the celebration that you are used to, M2.0 Communications shares this infographic that will help you plan out your holiday getaway.

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