25 Summer Skincare Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

It’s the summer season and it’s time to enjoy a poolside barbecue party and beach outings. Finally, it’s the season when you can also wear less and show more skin. But as you enjoy the warm breeze and happy daylight, keep in mind that too much sun exposure can bring serious damages to your skin.

Too much sun exposure is a major factor that causes a range of skin problems. It can aggravate premature ageing and make wrinkles & fine lines more prominent. It can also darken your skin and cause freckles and age spots. You don’t want to experience acne breakouts right? That’s why it is important to evaluate your skincare routine to know it is ready for the elements that the summer season brings.

To help you get enough protection and take care of your skin, here’s an infographic from dr. dream about the top summer skincare essentials that you should know.

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