The Secret Habits of Irish Mobile, TV and Broadband Users

eir conducted primary research into the behaviour and habits of online broadband and mobile data consumers on topics such as entertainment, internet usage, mobile phone usage and the 'second screening' phenomenon which has emerged in recent years whereby more and more of us are using our phones or tablets to tap away online while we watch TV or online streaming services.

The telecommunications firm eir conducted surveyed 1000 members of the public and came up with some fascinating (and sometimes lightly weird!) insights into how society is evolving in today's faced-paced, highly technological era.

The infographic illustrates a range of data sets and uses a pantone colour range to bring quirky graphics to love and present the findings in a coherent, logical structure on the secret habits of society when it comes to these omnipresent topics of Western culture. The notion of 'smartphone addiction' is a very real thing and it's fascinating to see these finding brought together in a singular piece of content.

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