15 Best Countries to Start a Business

According to the World Bank's annual report Doing Business 2017, we have analysed the top 15 countries that have been ranked for their ease of doing business. The factors used in this infographic are as follows:

  1. Ease of doing business rank given by the World Bank
  2. Number of days taken for starting a new business
  3. Number of procedures to undergo for registering a new business
  4. Percentage of GNI per cost while starting a business

We have also included the best feature of each of these 15 countries to understand what makes them the sought out for places to do business. The infographic provides latest data from world bank's report. The report has ranked 190 countries this year, based on various factors that make up a country business friendly. New Zealand has been ranked as number 1 this year with Singapore being on the 2nd position. Most of the other countries are from Europe. The United States has been ranked number 8 this year. On the 15th position stands Australia. The report has been extensive with a lot of factors taken into account in order to rank the 190 countries for their ease of doing business 2017.

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