Is It Really Free?

Want to avoid fake freebies? The infographic explains how you can do that!

  • If the suppliers are asking you to buy something to get the free product then run in the opposite direction as this product is not free. They might charge you the price of the free product by overselling the product that they’re forcing you to buy. 
  • Are they talking about the rebate game? Pay for the product upfront and claim the money some time later? Well that is what the companies bet on because 60% of the times consumers don’t bother going back to claim their rebate. 
  • Are they asking you to try out a specific product for a specific period of time? It’s not free, it’s a trial. Avoid giving your credit card information to such scans because they start charging by themselves once the trial period is over. 
  • Are you looking at survey to be filled or a competition to be entered? The product being offered is not free and actually is a reward for promoting or giving feedback on their product. 
  • Some companies claim that you can get a freebie product just by paying the shipment fee but in a lot of those cases, the price of the product is added in the expensive shipping fee. 

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