How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when Travelling

Long haul flight is bitter-sweet for travelers. It marks the start of a wonderful vacation but also diminish your youthful glow. You might not know it, but flights not only tire your body, but also your skin. The condition inside the airline cabin wreaks havoc on your skin.

Compared to the normal humidity of 30-70%  on land, the recycled and pressurized air inside airline cabin only has 20-30% humidity. This means your skin puts extra effort to keep its freshness and glow inside the cabin. It fights free radicals and dryness while on flight. Not to mention, the materials within the cabin are not exactly squeaky clean.

To help you stay fresh and youthful while on travel, SkinCell, one of the leading dermatology clinics in Manila gives you easy and practical skincare tips.

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