What Do Millennials Eat

Are you a foodie? Do you love eating, talking about and photographing food? Do you follow local food trucks on Twitter? If the answer is yes to all these questions, chances are that you are a member of the millennials generation. This generation of people born between early ‘80s and 2000 is famous for its particular taste in food and especially for the fact that technology plays a big part in their eating habits.

The following infographic titled What Do Millennials Eat is an interesting summary of those habits, and it describes how they are changing the food scene today. For example, many millennials are concerned about the environmental issues and how the food producers are affecting nature, so they show more support for green, locally-grown and organic food. They also show a growing interest in ethnic food, fast casual restaurants and light and quick meals, so all of these things are contributing to a shift in how the food is made and consumed. Take a look at the graphic and see if you might learn something new about food from the foodie generation.

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