Common Skincare Problems during the Rainy Season

As the days get colder and at times wet, you can say goodbye to hot and sunny days and greet the chiller air of colder and sometimes, rainy days. This is the time of the year when most people would cut out the high SPF level of their sunscreen creams, opt for thicker clothing, and put on waterproof footwear.

While this season makes you want to lie low from meticulous skin care, it’s important to remember that rainy days still require optimum care for the skin--in fact, a lot of skin problems are more prevalent during this season and you can’t underestimate the risks.

Monsoon increases humidity in the air. This warmer environment also encourages moisture to trap in the atmosphere. The cozy and moist condition of a place are a favorite breeding ground for skin-infecting fungus and bacteria. As a result, the skin becomes more prone to a range of skin problems.

Keeping skin dry, cool, and clean is an effective way to prevent these skin troubles. In this must-see infographic by SkinCell, one of the trusted derma clinics in the Philippines, the most common skin problems during rainy season and skin care tips are discussed.

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