8 Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event

The overall outcome of your event will depend mainly on the lighting you choose.  Lights aren’t just used to brighten up your venue, they’re utilized to make the entire event better!  Every decision regarding lighting is vital for your event: the type of light that you’ll use to direct your guests’ attention; the lighting for your arrangements and party decors, the way you’ll mix the lights to set the right vibe, ambiance and mood; and the special effects that you’ll be using for your event. 

All of the below mentioned are of utmost importance if you want to make your event memorable.  Aside from this, it may seem tedious, but setting the right mix for your event lighting can be quite fun!  

To further give you an idea about event lighting, here’s an infographic from Red Damien, a professional lights and sounds provider in the Philippines. Hope you can pickup a few tips and tricks to leave a lasting impression for your event!

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