16 Companies That Dominates Google Search Results

Are you trying everything in your power to rank your website for that special keyword? Then there’s something you need to know. Probably – most probably – that rank you covet after is already dominated by one of some 16 companies and their subsidiaries.

This – that 16 companies and the companies operating under them, alone, are dominating world’s Google search results - was proven by a research done by Glen Allsopp.

Most of the big brands that you see ranking on top for different industries (food, technology, gaming, health, automotive, beauty, travel etc.) are actually owned ‘by just three hands full of companies’.

And the bad news is, they use each other’s domain authority to maintain their ranks and improve the ranks of new websites they launch.  In addition to the backing of the backlinks from their fellow top ranking sites, these new sites also get shared by world’s tech and news blogs, mainly due to the popularity of the companies that own them. This means more links, increased traffic and domain authority!

For example take Verywell.com by IAC that was able to gain 3.6 million visitors within the first few weeks after its launch. The secret to their instant success was the plethora of links they got from the SEO-authoritative site About.com and its sub-domains, and of course the online media coverage! And if you haven’t already guessed it, IAC owns About.com!

This trend could only get worse with these 16 companies buying out their competitors and teaming up (i.e Verizon and Hearst to acquire Complex Media).

Then you, especially if you work in the field of SEO, should know by heart what these companies and their subsidiaries are. This following infographic is to help you out; it lists down the companies with their global rank.

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