Ranking Of The Worse And Safest States To Live In The US!

According to a 2015 research by the FBI; in every 13 seconds there's a house in the US that's being robbed.

The worse part is that only 17.35% of the total population has security systems installed either DIY or by professionals.

Even more is that 93% of that are from teh average consumers (the ones 9-5 work force).

We decided to search for more data and find out why American's are hesitant to install security on their property.

More so, we've digged into the spending habits of americans when it comes to installing home security.

for the final part...

We've researched property crime data from 2005 to 2014 of all states and ranked them according to highest property crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants. This data does not include violent crimes, domestic crimes and etc.

Then we created a map ranking all the states and an infographics of our top 10 in the list.

Here what we came up with:

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