Bed Bugs, Your Worst Nightmare

You and your spouse are sleeping soundly, the sun rises and your alarm goes off, it’s time to get up. When you wake up you find tiny, red swollen bite marks along the line of your clothing, and they itch.  Upon further inspection you think they may be bed bug bites and decide to do some digging around your room for any sign of an infestation. There could be tiny black fecal spots, molted bed bug skins or even blood spots. Bed bugs are most abundant in rooms where people sleep and like to hide everywhere from clutter, cracks and crevices, your bed frame or even your bed mattress.  The scary thing is, bed bugs are quickly on the rise, which isn’t hard, and females can lay 500 eggs in their lifetime.  Yes, you have a bed bug infestation; buying pest spray at your local market isn’t going to get rid of these bloodsuckers.  Read more facts like this in the infographic below. Be aware of how to prevent bed bugs and keep your family safe.
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