What is USB - most popular devices

From this infographic, you will know all interesting and useful information about USB!
So, what is it? Universal Serial Bus (USB short) is a cable system that contains electric conductor, connectors and communication protocols. USB standards were created by  leading  technology companies in 1995. This solution became a part of our life because we are used USB cable devices every day - keyboard & mouse, printer and scanner, smartphone and iPod, camera, microphone,  external drives, and dozens of others.... Nowadays we know many types USB connectors, but  the better part of devices and pieces of equipment that are connected to a computer as before do with A-connector and B-connector interfaces.

Do you know the difference between USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 or popular Mini and Micro USB? This information you can demonstrably find in the Infographic.

Moreover, we can give a cue how to access and manage remote USB and Serial port devices from anywhere!
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