The Push Notification Benchmark for Mobile Apps by Accengage – 2016 Edition

Accengage, the European leader for Push Notifications on Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger, just released an infographic that will allow Marketers to benchmark the performance of their Push Notification campaigns in terms of opt-in and reaction rates.

The study reveals that the average opt-in rate across industries on iOS is 41% (down 5% since last year), and 100% on Android due to the passive consent to push notifications when downloading an application.

In terms of reaction rates, the infographic shows that they are much higher on Android with 13.1% against 4.3% on iOS. According to Accengage, the difference is due to the possibility to create much richer formats on Android (image, multiline text…).

Looking at the study from a geographical point of view, Europe seems to come out on top with the Netherlands, France and Germany being the Top 3 countries with the highest reaction rates.
Accengage also highlights a few tips that will enable Marketers to set up more efficient Push Notification campaigns by optimizing opt-in and reaction rates.

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