Marketing Psychology: Human Behaviour’s Influence on Social Media Marketing

Given the continuous advancement of technology, a lot of people have constantly depended on their mobile devices especially since it plays an extremely vital role in every person's life today. And what better way to further a brand than to make it more viable to consumers? Not to mention, people are inclining towards convenience and effectivity that traditional forms of marketing, hence the need to integrate social media and modern technology to every marketing strategy a company will create. But with all the complexities of human behavior, one may find it difficult to create a campaign that captures every facets of human behavior.

If you are one of those marketers, you're in luck as M2Social, a digital advertising agency in the Philippines, have released an infographic explaining the link of Psychology and Marketing. This infographic in particular explains how human behavior affects the marketing strategies of companies as well as the different strategies some of the world's biggest brands in the world have used that incorporates human behavior and their online engagement .
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