How To Format The Perfect Blog Post

So, you want to publish a blog post, but what's the best way to format it?
Adding just a few key elements can help you increase clicks, engage readers and even build a steady readership. Try making a few tweaks to your blog posts format by following the simple tips outlined below.

Add High-Resolution Images
Why? Blog posts with images get 94% more views than those without images. High-resolution photos are engaging and visually appealing for readers.

 Click-friendly headline
Why? 8 out of 10 users will read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 will go on to read the blog post. Your title will either attract readers or deter them.

Short paragraphs
Why? Short paragraphs and white space encourage the user to continue reading the blog post. They motivate the user to finish the full blog post instead of getting bored halfway through.

Helpful visuals
Why? The brain processes visual information 600,000 times faster than it decodes text. Help your message stick with stunning visuals.

Bulleted & numbered lists
Why? Readers — especially on mobile phones — are conditioned to read top-down instead of left-right. Lists help them skim the content and find important information quickly.

Strong call to action
Why? A call to action prompts users to do something. It’s the “what’s next?” of your article and can increase blog followers, leads, social interactions and customer engagement.

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