Cageless Workforce

This infographic from Turnstone takes a look at the modern work environment and the presence of the mobile worker. Today, more than 1 billion mobile workers play a role in the global economy. A mobile worker doesn’t just refer to someone that travel to do their jobs. A mobile worker can be someone that has the ability to be mobile within their workplace. They have a variety of places within a building, across a campus, across an ocean or even at home. Today, 3 out of 5 companies allow their employees to work mobile. From the ocean to the office, choosing where you work can boost productivity and enhance office environment quality. Even if employees can't be mobile outside of the office, they still enjoy feeling as if they can be mobile inside the office. This sense of feeling free can be brought to the work environment from a variety of tactics. Some examples include office decor, break-out spaces,  and more. Explore how important it is to bring a sense of mobility into the office environment by viewing the metrics in this infographic.
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