Billion Dollar Companies that Started in Garage

Have you thought about launching your business in a garage? In someone's dilapidated garage. The giant companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and others did so! Don't believe it? Check out the info-graphic of their success. Just have a look at the amazing results they have achieved! Just a couple of years have passed!

With the streaming power of the Internet, they have become popular and well-known. They are recognized everywhere in the world. But does everyone know that they started in garages? Doubtfully.

Business is a very unstable thing. Once you lose it, you may never see it again. Never lose the string of stimulant to work more and work for a result. You deserve to be on top.

Get inspiration from their profit! All of them started from nothing, but with hard work, motivation and devotion they gained everything. Just think about it. You will definitely be able to do the same.

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