Tick Paralysis in Dogs and Cats

Being a pet owner, we must know the common illnesses that might harm our pet's health, especially our dogs and cats. And in order for us to be aware of these illnesses, we must need to know first the signs, how to prevent it and how to treat it.

One of the common animal sickness in Australia is the Tick Paralysis which is a tick-borne disease that is not caused by an infectious organism but is caused by a neurotoxin produced in the tick's salivary gland. After its prolonged attachment, the engorged tick transmits the toxin to the pets.

Not being able to treat this diseased right might cause the pets to die so a proper prevention and treatment must be given to your pets. And so as to prevent this so-called Tick Paralysis and for you to be aware of its causes, here is an infographic that will surely help your pets be safe from these deadly paralysis illness.
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