The Painful Truth about Shingles

Shingles is a debilitating disease that affects older adults. According to research, one of three people is at high risk of developing the disease, particularly those in their 50s and with significantly weak immune system. Shingles patient often encounter chronic, localized pain accompanied by burning sensation.

The disease is caused by herpes zoster, the same virus deemed as the origin of chickenpox. Once a person is cured from chickenpox, the virus remains at a latent state and will be reactivated later on in life due to several factors such as serious illnesses and major treatments.

Fluid-oozing blisters and lesions is most common in shingles’ developing stage.  It is also in this stage that shingles become contagious especially since the rashes are open. Cases of shingles often last from 5 to 7 days depending on the severity of the disease.

Want to know more? Here’s an infographic about Shingles, with an in-depth discussion on shingles plus interesting facts that everyone would want to know!
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