How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Instagram?

The Instagram popularity leaves no doubt. Every year this, at first glance, simple application attracts more and more customers and acquires new features. Why do  people get so addicted to it? Most probably, the secret lies in a smart development approach aimed both to functionality and design.

If you want to repeat a success of Instagram founders, pay attention to the set of functions included into this app. Having listed all of them, you will get a clear understanding of how many time is needed for their implementation.

As you know, time is money. So, the total cost needed for Instagram-like app would start from multiplying development time by the hourly rate of the team members.

Here comes the question: which rate should be used for calculation? Well, it mostly depends on the team location. This is up to you where to hire it. A little hint: you may save a lot if deciding on Eastern Europe developers. The quality of their product is on the same level with the one produced by Americans or Western Europeans. At the same time, they charge almost twice less.

The last but not the least is about additional costs. In case of Instagram, they go from hosting on dedicated servers, a number of mobile platforms, expenses for design, and so on.

To get a clearer imagination of the options to be Included into Instagram and approximate final sum to pay, take a look the infographic below.
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