Best Cuts of Steak & How To Use Them!

This infographic is about 4 different cuts of beef that I consider to be the juiciest, tastiest and overall best that a cow gives us.

I am a great believer that if we are going to kill an animal to eat it, we should make sure to eat the best bits!

However this isn’t just about what the best cuts are, but it also gives a basic overview about the best ways to cook them, for example broiling or grilling etc.

This is important because some of these cuts are very delicate and need to be cooked in a certain way.
What about the sauce? I here you say!

Well, this graphic also shows you some of the best sauces you should use to match these wonderful pieces of steak. From rosemary and mushroom to garlic and red wine; you need a good sauce to compliment the taste of these cuts. Some will say that the taste of the meat is good enough, but I feel that a well matched sauce can being out the flavour of the beef even more.

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