The Mobile Ecosystem

This is an infographic designed by Adaptive Mobile - internet security experts. The aim is to illustrate the various security threats that the mobile ecosystem faces both now and in the future.

The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in a world where mobile is the major way that friends, colleagues and businesses communicate on a day to day basis. It is a powerful tool, but the fast pace with which it has become ubiquitous has left the majority of users poorly educated as to the security risks and the proper precautions to take.

In the meantime, cyber criminals are quick to spot opportunities and security holes in order to exploit users. These threats vary from the repurposing of older styles of attached previously seen in fixed networks to new types of mobile specific attacks.

Mobile communications are vulnerable to attack and there are a host of new considerations that users need to keep in mind in order to keep their data secure. Over time Adaptive mobile predict that these security threats will continue to evolve in complexity and scope.
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