The Irish at the Oscars

The people of Ireland have always had an affinity with the Academy Awards (or the ‘Oscars’ as they are more commonly known). This year alone, Irish actors and films could potentially win a grand total of 6 golden statues – not a bad haul for such a small country!

What a lot of people don’t realize though, is that the connection between the Oscars and the nation of Ireland runs much deeper than simply having a disproportionate amount of success. The iconic golden statuettes themselves were in fact designed by an Irish person; Cedric Gibbons, a man who won no less than 11 Academy Awards for his set design work (putting him in second place to Walt Disney in terms of total number of Oscar trophies won).

Other uniquely Irish Oscar facts are that Irishman George Bernard Shaw is the only person to win both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize and actor Barry Fitzgerald is the only person ever to be nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Supporting actor… for the same film! (Going My Way)

These amazing facts, and much more, can be seen in the “Irish at the Oscars” infographic.
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