Multitasking in a technology driven society

It's inevitable to not encounter a roadway wreck or injury each and every week. As many of us travel to and from work, school, and leisurely activities, the chance that we encounter a motorist who has been involved in an accident or roadway disruption.

What can our society do to reduce the number of accidents on the roadways? There are many things that can be completed, such as educating ourselves on when we should put distractions aside from what we should be focusing on. In a multi-tasking society, it's hard for some of us to put aside our phones or devices and concentrate on the task ahead of us.

Additionally, we can educate others on how dangerous the behavior can be. The seriousness and number of crashes in states such as Texas can be seen here. It's no wonder we see crashes on a daily or weekly basis- our society has such a difficult time focusing on one task at a time.

There are devices and apps that have been introduced that will help us to contain our focus on the roadways, such as bluetooth devices and applications that block us from texting while driving. Additionally, there are devices that are built into newer cars that allow users to speak to text, or talk on their phones while driving. Even these capabilities can pose a threat and hinder our ability to maintain focus on our task ahead- driving.

Sharing stories of roadway dangers you have encountered is also a great start. Though some stories may be more difficult to share than others, its important that we spread the messaging of these dangerous activities so that we can reduce the risk of others while on the roadways.

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