A Lifetime of Hearing

Hearing loss in the UK is on the rise. The result of the loss is often isolation, depression, or worse. According to the hearing health charity Action on Hearing Loss, it takes most people at least a decade to seek help. Studies have indicated that at least 5.7 million adults – over 10 per cent of the UK population – have some level of hearing loss

To better educate the public about the importance of their hearing and its change over a lifetime, Age UK Hearing Aids has produced an infographic on the topic. Easy to read through and visually appealing, we believe this presentation is a great way to help people understand how important it is to be proactive about dealing hearing loss.

UK Hearing Care works in partnership with The Age UK Group to create Age UK Hearing Aids. They provide a completely holistic hearing service, making sure they are as accessible as possible, giving information and advice about hearing that consumers can trust. The hearing aid selection service is run by people who are genuinely compassionate about the health and wellbeing of those they assist.

Infographic Source: http://www.ageukhearingaids.co.uk/hearing-aid-news/lifetime-hearing-infographic
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