Experts Discuss: Content Marketing In 2015 And 2016

Content has always been the most important part of anyone's web presence and content marketing is one of the key parts of any online marketing campaign. Since the end of the year is time for recaps and predictions,  we take a look back at 2015 in content marketing and predict trends for 2016. We asked content marketing experts such as Neil Patel what did they learn in 2015, and what do they predict for 2016. According to researches and content marketing experts, 2015 was the year of visual, and videos have been used a lot for marketing.  All marketeres agree that they created more content than last year, and will continue making more in 2016. Our experts, and marketing stats as well, predict that video will continue being one of the popular types of content. Most of influencers we talked with suggest using some of the new types of content in 201, to keep up with the trend. Podcasts, live streaming and even virtual reality will be more and more popular in next year, and those after. Check out the infographic for more stats and quotes from content marketing influencers.

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