10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees

Employee satisfaction can also be considered as a determiner of business success. For instance, if an employee isn’t happy in his/her working environment, it would reflect on the company’s image and imply that the company doesn’t value their clients and customers, but their employees as well.

Employee satisfaction is an important element in any business because it directly relates to the productivity of employees and the quality of output they produce. Employees who experience satisfaction are most likely to be productive compared to unsatisfied employees, which is a plus factor for businesses to keep their employee’s loyalty to them.

A company’s HR management must always put into consideration what contributes to employee satisfaction and impose necessary actions to improve workplace happiness within their environment.

With that, Guthrie-Jensen produced this infographic to help HR to identify if their employees are becoming dissatisfied. Through this, they can prevent such things from happening, which can impose a relevant effect on the business in the long run.

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